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BR Security Camera specializes in installations of all types of security and communication systems available on the market. We provide security camera installation service in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, as well as CCTV, IP cameras, HD cameras, wireless cameras and recording devices so that it is possible to delay video surveillance installation cameras. We offer complete design and installation of all security cameras. As a leader in video surveillance cameras, solutions and equipment, BR Cameras is a pioneer in the industry. We offer advanced technology economical solutions ad can customize camera security to fit your needs.

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Whether you need security for your home or your business, you can rely on BR Security Cameras. We have earned a solid reputation with our extensive experience in offering quality products and services in the security industry. You can be confident we will provide top notch professional and client service.

BR Security Cameras

Leads the way of security camera installation and offers high-quality cameras that are tailor-made for the location and customer requirements. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure every professional meets the exact needs of their client. Security camera installation and security camera services are provided to both the private homeowner and usage of our products and full accountability.

security cameras installation los angeles
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Which One is Best for You: NVR vs. DVR

When it comes to security for your home or office, you have a lot of choices to make. One of the decisions is what cameras, where to place them, and what recording device, DVR or an NVR. Both have their pros and cons, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.


Network video recorders are a newer technology than DVRs. They connect to your IP network and allow you to view and record footage from your security cameras. NVRs are typically more expensive than DVRs, but they offer several advantages, including:


Better image quality: NVR use megapixel cameras, which provide a higher resolution than the cameras used in DVR systems. This means that you can get a clearer image of what's going on, even when you're zoomed in.
Flexible storage: NVR can store footage on your network, which gives you more flexibility than a DVR, which typically only supports local storage.
Easier to expand: NVR are more accessible to expand than DVR. You can add more cameras to your network, which will be compatible with your NVR.


Digital video recorders are the more traditional type of security system. They connect to your security cameras and record footage to a local hard drive. DVRs are typically less expensive than NVRs, but they have several disadvantages, including:


Lower up-front cost: : DVR are typically less expensive than NVRs, making them a good option if you’re on a budget..
No need for extra equipment: : Since DVR connect directly to your cameras, you don’t need to buy any extra equipment to get started..
Local storage: : DVR store footage locally, which can be a benefit if you’re concerned about network security.


So, which one is best for you: NVR or DVR? The answer depends on your needs. If you need a security system that is easy to expand and offers better image quality, then an NVR is the way. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and don't need the extra features that an NVR offers, then a DVR may be the better choice. Whichever you decide, make sure to do your research to find the security system that is right for you. Check out our top picks if you're looking for a home security system. We've got a great selection of both NVR and DVR systems to choose from. And if you're not sure which one is right for you, our experts can help. Just give us a call or send us an email, and we'll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect security system for your needs.

security cameras installation los angeles
securty camera repair

About Us

Our security camera company, BR Security Cameras, was established in 2008 and provides innovative and diverse security and protection solutions for residential homes and commercial businesses. We believe in providing a professional solution to every customer’s security issue with high quality and exceptional service for all your security camera concerns. Our family owned company is located in Los Angeles area and provides service to customers in all surrounding areas. Over the years, our team of professionals have resolved many complex repair issues and provided professional service to our clients. BR Security Cameras extensive experience in the field helps clients get the outmost service in terms of both innovation and professionalism.
BR Security Cameras specializes in providing customized security camera solutions according to clients’ needs and area requirements. Before starting a project, our company provides professional options on site with the goal of building a solid anchor for the design and selection of advanced and accurate systems for your project needs. In the process, the company’s team maintains a highly innovative design that fits the modern era.


All security options and solutions are carefully selected through full analysis and understanding of the exact issue the client may be experiencing, while maintaining their needs and desires. The company has creative solutions for all types of businesses and can provide security solutions that require multifaceted or small security systems. Additional information of all the systems and products we offer can be found on BR Cameras.

Our Team of Professionals

At BR Security Cameras you will find a team of experiences professionals to find the right system for your home or business. Our team of technicians are licensed, experienced and qualified to make installations of any size or complexity. All technicians undergo professional courses and training in the field to keep up-to-date on the latest and most advanced technology, as well as provide professionally customized service to each client. BR Cameras team of professionals has the ability to handle multiple security scenarios due to their experience and providing professional consulting services prior to start of the project.

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