Residential and Commercial Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles

security cameras installation los angeles

There are several types of security cameras installation Los Angeles residents and businesses can
consider. All types offer significant benefits, including security and monitoring to increasing
Here are the types of security cameras installation Los Angeles has to offer!

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Benefits of Security Cameras

Security camera installation comes with several benefits. They are a visual deterrent for thieves
and vandals. Plus, they provide evidence if an incident does occur.
With security cameras installation Los Angeles residents and businesses get an added sense of
security and real security.

Residential Security Camera Installation

There are different types of security cameras installation Los Angeles has to offer. First, there is
residential installation. This includes both indoor and outdoor cameras. Each type has wired and
wireless options.

Front Door Camera

Front door cameras deter would-be intruders, trespassers, and vandals at your home. And,
they’re effective whether you are home or away.
The cameras mount above the front door or are part of the doorbell.
Plus, several smart features are available, such as:

  • mobile control (turn on and off from anywhere)
  • motion detection notification
  • motion detection lighting
  • video analytics
  • two-way radio
  • remote viewing

Gate Camera

Home gate cameras alert homeowners to visitors long before they reach the doorstep. Therefore,
it’s a great way to avoid unwanted solicitors and visitors.
Rest assured, gate cameras work day and night. They use infrared lighting to detect motion, even
at night.

Perimeter Camera

If placed properly, perimeter cameras help protect the entire perimeter of your property.
As expected, a wide range of outdoor protection features are available, too: including:

  • motion-activated lights
  • nighttime recording
  • alarms
  • remote control and viewing

Commercial Security Camera Installation

Next, are commercial security camera systems.
Many businesses install video security cameras for reasons beyond theft and vandalism. So, with
security cameras installation, Los Angeles businesses can do the following:

  • Monitor employees in an ethical way.
  • Deter workplace harassment and violence. (Workers behave better when they know they are on
  • Save time by monitoring different areas at once.
  • Reduce insurance costs. (Most insurances companies discount your policy if you have security
  • Protect areas with restricted access.
  • Improve productivity. (Workers work harder whn they know they are being watched)
  • Reassure customers that they are safe.
  • Deter shoplifters

Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles

In conclusion, there are lots of benefits of security cameras at home and at work. And, there are
lots of types to choose from based on your needs.
So, are you ready for security cameras installation or gate camera in  Los Angeles? BR Garage Doors and Gate and BR Security Camera is happy
to help!

If so, contact us today for a quote.